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Lets face it mommies, we feel we don't have enough time throughout our busy chaotic days. I understand, as a mommy of two, a constant challenge of mine is finishing my to-do list throughout the day. Fortunately there are 3 ways on making time for the important things in life, like your family's protection.

The first thing to do is to schedule an appointment with your agent after 9 p.m. Once the kids are asleep, take that moment to contact your agent or focus on the protection of your family. The second thing is to take an extra 30 minutes on your lunch break. Ask your boss or manager for an extra half hour to meet and talk with your agent about your future plan. And the third thing is to meet at a place where the kids are occupied, such as a playground or with a babysitter. I know your to-do list is never ending, and I'm sure protecting your family is on your mind. With these tips I can help you put a check mark on your family's protection.

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